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Let it Begin with Kindermusik
Simply Music Piano Lessons

What is Simply Music?

Simply Music® is a remarkable, Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that offers a breakthrough in music education.  This unique approach has children, teens, adults and seniors playing great-sounding contemporary, blues, classical and accompaniment pieces - immediately - from their very first lessons!
Think of Simply Music as being like learning to talk. We all talked for years before we learned how to read and spell. It's the same with our program. We delay the music reading process and start by showing you how to play fantastic music – immediately.
Beginning students, with no attention on having to read music, are free to relate directly to the piano, and within months easily and naturally begin to establish a ‘hands-on’ and personal ‘feeling’ for the instrument as they build a play-list that includes popular, classical, blues and jazz styles, as well as develop the ability to play chords and modern accompaniments.
A Different Way of Learning....
In addition to learning to play a large repertoire of mature and great-sounding musical pieces, students are given "tools" and guidance to explore improvisation and composition.  This method is all about "learning a way of learning" that will equip students to be self-generative in their relationship to music for the rest of their lives. 
What about Reading Music?
Traditional lessons, for the most part, require that students first learn to read music as the means of learning how to play. This ‘read first, play later’ approach is slow and frustrating, and far too many students never acquire the ability to play. In fact, many lose their desire to learn altogether!
After building a repertoire of 30 to 50 pieces covering a broad range of musical styles, students go on to learn how to read music.  Their ability to play so well provides a powerful foundation for learning the more formal aspects of music education.
If you would like to learn more about the Simply Music Method please click here www.simplymusic.com
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